About GPLA

The Georgia Professional Lobbyists Association (GPLA) is a private, not for profit professional organization composed of voluntary members.  Membership is open to individuals who are registered as lobbyists in the State of Georgia. All meetings and records of the Association's Board or membership are declared to be private and shall not be open to the public or any non-member. No member shall make any record of the Association public wihtout express approval by the Board. The primary activities of the Association include the following:

  • Promote and maintain high ethical standards in the profession of lobbying;
  • Adopt a Code of Ethics that is subscribed to by every member of the Association;
  • Provide a mandatory course of study relating to the regulation and ethical conduct of lobbying that must be completed as a condition of membership and provide mandatory continuing education as a condition of ongoing membership;
  • Provide a process for the resolution of disputes among members of the Association;
  • Work with the legislature and executive branch to develop appropriate laws and rules governing the practice of lobbying in Georgia; and,
  • Promote the profession of lobbying in Georgia with the media, educational institutions, consumer groups and other publics as identified by the Board of Directors.

Code of Conduct/Best Practices

To help preserve and advance public trust and confidence in our democratic institutions and the public policy advocacy process, professional lobbyists should always act in the highest ethical manner.

The professional lobbyist plays an important role in our system of government by helping to ensure that public officials have complete and accurate information with which to make decisions.

Members of the Georgia Professional Lobbyists Association (GPLA) should conduct themselves in a way that maintains public respect for their profession and for processes and people in all branches of state government.

Members of the GPLA:

  1. Shall act with integrity in all relations with public office holders, clients, potential clients, employers, the public and other lobbyists.
  2. Shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing lobbying and the standards of conduct applying to officials and staff of all branches of government.
  3. Shall disclose the identity of the person or organization for whom he/she is acting.
  4. Shall not knowingly provide information that is inaccurate to public officials and shall not knowingly engage in misrepresentation of any nature.
  5. Shall not divulge confidential information unless he/she has obtained the informed consent of their client, employer or organization, or such disclosure is required by law.
  6. Shall not represent conflicting or competing interests without the informed consent of those whose interests are involved.
  7. Shall not place public office holders in a conflict of interest by proposing or undertaking any action that would constitute an improper influence on a public office holder.


Violations of the Code of Conduct:


Violation of the GPLA Code of Conduct may result in loss of membership status in the Association.


A written and signed complaint by a member of GPLA alleging violation of this code may be filed with any officer of the Association. Upon receipt of such complaint the Standards and Conduct Committee will inform the accused member and investigate the complaint. The Standards and Conduct Committee will make a recommendation for disciplinary action to the Board of Directors. Action will be determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


Disciplinary action may include:


  • Dismissal of the charges against the lobbyist.
  • Reprimand of the lobbyist.
  • Loss of membership in the Association.



Adopted by the Membership December 6, 2011

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